Lamar Taylor’s ‘92 Mustang LX Coupe

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Sometimes hot rodding takes a good deal of patience and a little bit of horse trading. That is certainly the case for Lamar Taylor’s 1992 Mustang LX coupe. “I always wanted a coupe,” Lamar told me, “but never could find one I could afford that wasn’t a total project.”

So a few years ago, Lamar settled for an ‘87 Mustang hatchback. He drove that for a while but he still had a hankering for a coupe. He looked, but couldn’t find what he wanted, so he bought an ‘05 Mustang GT. Lamar had to put a clutch in the GT after just the first week – as you can imagine, that got him looking again. “I looked on the market place and saw the ‘92 coupe.”

And that’s where the horsetrading came in. “I went to look at it,” Lamar said. “The guy said he’d take $9500 for it, but I didn’t have the cash so I talked him into trading for the ‘05 GT.”

Finally, Lamar had his coupe.

The LX coupe was a factory 4-cylinder car, but had just had a 1994 351 Windsor engine installed. The small block has some stout components, including a SCAT cast crank spinning Eagle I-beam rods and forged pistons. On top there are a set of Trick Flow aluminum heads with roller rocker arms activated by Stage 2 roller camshaft. The Windsor’s intake has a Holley double pumper carb on an Edelbrock intake. BBK headers take care of the exhaust.

Lamar picks his gears from the T-5 five-speed overdrive transmission. When he got the Mustang, it still had the original 7.5” rear end that was built for the four banger. One of the first mods Lamar made to the LX was to swap that out for an 8.8” Positraction rear he got from one of his buddies. It’s spinning 3.73 gears.

There are 17×9 Cobra R wheels on all four corners, wearing Mirada tires, 215/50/17 up front and 275/40/17 in the rear.

The Mustang has tubular adjustable upper control arms, boxed lower control arms, and drag shocks on rear, Lamar’s upgraded the brakes with crossed drilled and slotted rotors in the front with Extreme pads.

The fiberglass hood with twin scoops helps the 351 breathe easier. The coupe is finished off with beautiful red paint offset by black trim. The interior is all original.

Hot rodders probably don’t get enough credit for their patience. Maybe it’s getting a rusted bolt loose, or setting the ignition timing just right. Hell, sometimes it takes years to complete a build.

For Lamar, it took a long time just to find the car he wanted. But his patience has paid off.

“It’s still an on-going project,” he said, “but I finally got a coupe.”

Photos courtesy of Lamar Taylor

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