Look. I’m not saying a Lamborghini isn’t a cool car. I’m just saying that until someone shows up with one that has a big block Chevy in it, you probably won’t see a Huracán featured in GHR.

Even though this site is about classic American hot rods, us hot rodders can still appreciate the engineering, design, and performance of a Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, and… umm, whatever this amphibi-car with propellers out back is called.

The cool thing about the monthly Caffeine and Octane car show is that they’re all there. James McGarity’s blown Chevy II is just a few steps away from a high-end Porsche. Matthew Olson’s Mustang is across from a wild cafe racer motorcycle.

So, without much editorial comment, here are some of the impressive vehicles you probably won’t see featured in GHR, from the January Caffeine and Octane show.

And we’ll just end with this…


Photos by GHR
Click here to see the photos of the ‘other cars’ of C&O.


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