If you like what I’m trying to do here at GHR, you will love the Southeast Gassers Association at the drag strip.

Southeast Gassers events are as close as you can get to drag racing as it was in the 1960’s. They try to represent the sport and that decade as closely as possible and they have very strict rules about the types of technology the racers can use and how it is to be implemented (* see below).

But most of all, a day at the strip with the Southeast Gassers is a whole lot of fun. The “hashtags” the Association uses to promote their racing include #wheelsup #str8axle and #4speed. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at all of their events. Period correct cars pulling wheelies off the starting line, hanging their straight axle front ends in the air, and banging their 4-speed transmissions all the way down the track.

Their 2018 season includes 11 races from April to November. It ends this weekend at Shadyside Dragway in Shelby NC, so check that out if you can.

For more information go to their web site at southeastgassers.com.

* Here’s a small sampling of the Association’s A/Gas class rules from their web site:

Closed full body styled production cars 1967 or earlier. Body panels must have stock appearance. Car must not have low front body stance, front spoiler, appear “wedged” or aero. No wings or air dams. No Pro stock/snorkel style hood scoops (scoops must have the look of the 1960s). No modern graphics. Must be hand lettered with paint. Early to mid-1960’s era wheels or exact replica. Front wheels in the air on launch. If your car goes 6.50 or better in the 1/8 mile, the front tires must be at least 1 foot off the ground on the launch or on gear change. External appearance of the engine must look like 1967 or earlier. Gasoline only. All engines must be normally aspirated. No type of throttle control. Open headers only. Buick, Pontaic, Olds, Ford FE, Y block ford, flathead, and Chevrolet W head engines will receive a 1/2 lb per cubic inch weight break. These rules are in place in order to provide most any combination of 60’s or previous era engine and car a level playing field. Old school style carburetor(s) must be used. All cars must have a clutch and straight drive transmission You must use the clutch to shift. Must have a straight or dropped axle front suspension. Wheelie bar must have the 1960’s era look.

Photos by GHR
Click here to see the photos of the Southeast Gassers.


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