As 2021 draws to a close, I just want to say thanks for all the great support you gave to GHR this year.

Thirty hot rodders shared their stories with us. They had thirty very cool cars, all with great stories behind them. In May, I posted GHR’s 100th article, and in September we celebrated the site’s third anniversary.

And the word must be getting out about all these great hot rods. In 2021, traffic to the web site has almost tripled what it was in 2020. And that’s pretty amazing since the traffic 2020 was more than double what is was in 2019. The fact that GHR’s readers are from all over the world still blows my mind.

I’m already working on the first few stories for 2022, and I’m excited about what’s coming up.

Thank you to everyone who shared their hot rod stories with me and thank you to all of you who read GHR. Have a happy, safe, and fun, Hot Rod New Year.


2 Replies to “That’s a Wrap”

  1. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and please keep up the good job. Your blog os not only about hot rods but also the amazing stories behind them

  2. Glen, it’s been some time since we talked last. I no longer have the C cab and have done quite a lot to the 67 Ford. Also have a new toy a 58 Chevy 2 dr Fleetline. Have done a lot mechanically to it. Am going to repaint it this coming spring. I still look forward to seeing the cars and stories on GHR. So here’s hoping that you and yours had a great Christmas and 2022 will be an amazing year. Bob

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