GHR, GHR, wherefore art thou GHR?

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Good question. It has been a while since I’ve posted an article, but I can explain…

(And you Shakespearean scholars out there, don’t @ me. I know ‘Wherefore’ means ‘why’ and that sentence doesn’t really make sense in this context. I just thought it sounded cool.) 

A bad back had me laid up for about three weeks, and that plus some other commitments made me miss most of the fall car shows. 

The good news is, my back is much doing better. The bad news is, my schedule is actually going to get crazier for the rest of the year. 

But I’m determined to get to some shows and I’m working social media – to find some good GHR vehicles. (Notice I didn’t say just “cars”?) 

In the meantime, feel free to browse through the Archive – and thanks for your patience.

The photo of that gold Duster was taken off Pinterest
and isn’t significant of anything other than the fact that
I used to own one that looked just like that.



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