I just finished reading a recent issue of a hot rod magazine. It had an article on a Ford Falcon with a full tube chassis and a twin turbo 600 ci engine producing 2800 hp, built at a shop. And one about a pro street Galaxie with a 1,000 hp, aluminum SOHC big block, also with twin turbos, and carbon fiber racing seats covered in Italian leather, also built at a shop.

There’s no doubt those cars are impressive, but they’re not cars I can relate to, or what I’d like to read about.

What I’d like to read about is a REALISTIC hot rod built by someone in their garage based on a largely stock chassis and body with mag wheels (Cragar SS preferred, but I can be flexible).

It can be a small block or big block, carbureted or injected, anywhere from a 1930s to 1970s car, maybe even up to the 2000s (maybe) but what it should NOT be is a car with 900 horsepower from the factory, or some complete custom job built by a shop in exchange for a large check.

So I thought…

How about a magazine that features realistic, built-by-their-owner hot rods?

Hot rods that don’t have to be perfect, but do need to be cool.

That’s what Garage Hot Rods aims to be.

I hope you’re as excited about this idea as I am.

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